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A Wide Array of Canvas Tarps

  • Custom Truck Tarps
  • Boat Covers
  • Custom Nets

Top Tarp Canvas Inc. studies the different hauling aspects of what is needed every year in order to satisfy your individual needs. We have a good imagination to help you get the job done in the simplest possible way. In addition, our dealer pricing is available please call to find out more. So, call ahead and we'll have your order ready and waiting for you.

Our Tarps:

  • Standard Sizes:
    • 25x24, 16x24, 20x25
  • Truck Nets (24-60 Feet)
    • Wind-Resistant
    • Multi-Mesh Netting
  • Vinyl
    • Lightweight Covers
      • 18 Oz
    • Truck Side Curtains
    • 30 Oz

Canvas material was used mostly for boats before vinyl hit the market. It comes in various colors that are treated and untreated. The untreated canvas is for boat covers and the treated canvas, which smells like diesel and is waterproof, is for trucks. Canvas and vinyl are also used for building awnings.

Truck Canvas Canvas

Repair Tarps
Tarps have a lifetime of 15 years. So, if you repair it, the tarp can last twice as long.

Visit us in Fontana, California, for a great selection of canvas tarps from boat covers to truck tarps.